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Dreaming of starting a company in the United States? makes it easier than ever, even for non-residents seeking a remote solution. This reliable platform simplifies US company formation by handling incorporation, business bank account setup, and EIN procurement. Focus on growing your business while takes care of the details. Discover the advantages of using in our comprehensive review and let it be the catalyst for your entrepreneurial journey.

Pros & Cons of offers a streamlined solution for setting up a US company, but it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of using their services. Pros:

Tax consultation: Navigate US tax requirements with’s tax consultation services for foreign founders.
User-friendly dashboard: Easily track your company’s incorporation progress with’s clear and organized dashboard.
US bank account: Set up a US business bank account to start operating your company immediately.
US address: Obtain a US address for smooth correspondence when incorporating your company with
US EIN: Secure a US Employer Identification Number (EIN) as part of your company creation process.
Professional support: Rely on’s dedicated support team for assistance with any concerns.
Tax consultation: Navigate US tax requirements with’s tax consultation services for foreign founders.
Legal advice: Protect your assets and interests with the legal advice provided by
Multilingual: supports six languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.
Incentives: Benefit from over $20,000 worth of software incentives to help grow your new business. Cons:

Incorporation in two states: Currently, you can only incorporate in two states, a feature could expand.
Incorporation in two states: Currently, you can only incorporate in two states, a feature could expand.
No auxiliary services: could enhance its offerings by adding annual report notifications.

What is is a software service that helps individuals establish a US business from anywhere worldwide. With years of experience, it has successfully set up thousands of US companies for clients from over 120 countries.

By using this service, you will create a US company, obtain a US bank account, a US address, and a US EIN for immediate operation. In partnership with online bank Mercury, your US bank account will be opened upon completing the registration process.

Additionally, offers incentives and perks upon creating a US company. Essential software and tools are included, granting access to thousands of dollars in credits through their network.

Catering to non-US residents and foreign founders, you can incorporate a company in Wyoming or Delaware, selecting the best-suited state. A registered agent will assist with company creation, ensuring data security.

With this service, you’ll receive unlimited support, tax consultation, and legal advice as needed. The platform also prepares all legal documents, ensuring your company creation meets state requirements. The entire process takes approximately two weeks.

Key features of include:

US company creation for foreign founders
A proven track record with customers in 120 countries
US bank account opening with Mercury
US address and EIN acquisition
Thousands of dollars in perks and incentives
Incorporation options in Wyoming or Delaware
Unlimited support and assistance
Tax consultation for awareness of obligations
Access to legal advice when needed
A two-week timeframe for paperwork completion and company creation

How Does Work? streamlines the process of establishing a US company for foreign founders. By completing a simple application with your business details, takes care of the rest.

To begin using, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the type of company: Decide whether to create a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation. An LLC separates business and personal liabilities, while a corporation pays corporate taxes and has shareholders.
  2. Select the state for incorporation: Choose between Wyoming and Delaware. Wyoming is ideal for small businesses, offering low costs and ease of management, while Delaware is suited for potential Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Complete the necessary forms: Fill out the required forms, and your US bank account, EIN, and address will be set up automatically. The paperwork takes approximately two weeks to process, after which your company incorporation is complete.
  4. Start trading: With your company established, begin trading in the US and take advantage of the numerous incentives and perks included in your package. offers a single package priced at $399, covering all services with no additional fees. You’ll also receive ongoing support in all areas as needed. A Solution for Everyone!
Discover how can assist you in creating a US company, regardless of your experience level or background. customizes the incorporation process to meet your specific needs, making it an ideal solution for individuals from any location looking to establish a business in the United States.

Who Should Use

Regardless of your experience level in the business world, the platform is the perfect choice for anyone looking to establish a company in the United States. Check out our review to see how it can help you create your dream company.

  • Beginners is ideal for newcomers to the business world, as it handles all aspects of company incorporation. Setting up a new company requires knowledge of local regulations and requirements, which can be overwhelming for beginners. guides you through the process of creating a US company, taking care of all the necessary steps.
  • Mid-Level
    If you have experience running a company but not in the US, can help you navigate the state-specific regulations that may be unfamiliar to you. Let manage the incorporation process and relieve your stress.
  • Experienced
    Even seasoned business owners can benefit from’s services. By allowing to handle the paperwork and regulatory requirements, you can focus on your core business operations while they set up your new US company.
* is perfect for startups and new US companies.
* Mid-level experts can use to stay current with US state regulations.
* Experienced business owners can rely on to manage administrative tasks, enabling them to continue operating their businesses smoothly.
Try Now!
Experience the ease of creating your US company with! All you need to do is provide your business details, and will handle the rest. Start operating in the US today with the help of! LLC Pricing

Mailroom™ is required for new incorporation customers without a valid US address.


In terms of usability, the platform ranks highly on the Genius Score. So, how does the service measure up against its unique selling proposition (USP)? Read our complete review to find out!

The primary aim and USP involve providing a service that helps create a company in the US for foreign founders. You don’t need to be a US resident and can reside in any country overseas. Simply enter your information and potential company details, and the service takes care of the rest!

Within two weeks, you’ll have an incorporated company in either Wyoming or Delaware, with the platform handling all the paperwork.

The setup is user-friendly and easy to navigate. All you need to do is enter the necessary information into the appropriate fields, and that’s it! The service takes care of everything else, providing a clear dashboard for you to check in on your registration progress.

What Tools Are Included With

  1. Rewards:

As part of your subscription, a vast range of rewards are available from You can check your latest rewards inside your dashboard and see what perks you are entitled to!

In addition to the tools and features mentioned above, offers even more rewards to help your business thrive. To explore the full range of rewards available to you, please visit the following link:

  1. US Bank Account:

See the banking solutions available to your account and the benefits you can receive! Opening an online US bank account can be tricky, yet’s tools make the process straightforward!

  1. Choose Your Company Type:

Let help you choose the type of business that you want to create in the US. Do you want to create an LLC or a Corporation? The dashboard will help you choose which structure is best for your company, providing you with all the information you need.

  1. Online Company Registration:

Create your own US company through the website, taking you through every step and making sure all requirements are completed successfully. Simply follow the prompts and create your US company with ease. Testimonials

Here are some examples of businesses that have used and highly recommend their services:

Sendchamp: Sendchamp, a VC-backed technology company, is revolutionizing the African continent by offering multi-channel APIs and no-code CRM for improved customer relations. They discovered through word of mouth and attribute their success to the solid foundation that provided
Outfund: Outfund, a financing option for businesses, has experienced significant growth since its launch through They praise for its supportive, fast, affordable, and reliable service, which they credit to the platform’s founder.
Sendchamp: Sendchamp, a VC-backed technology company, is revolutionizing the African continent by offering multi-channel APIs and no-code CRM for improved customer relations. They discovered through word of mouth and attribute their success to the solid foundation that provided

Support Quality

The platform takes pride in providing top-notch support to its users. You can log in to your account and dashboard to access the latest information, and select the Agent option to find compliance documents.

Additionally, it offers an extensive collection of resources and FAQs that can help you find answers to your questions. Browse their knowledge database to quickly find a solution to your issue!

You can also take advantage of Live, a series of free webinars available to members. Each webinar covers a different topic, designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in various areas.

If you need direct help and assistance, you can submit a support request. You have the option to attach files to your request if necessary. Their team is committed to providing prompt and effective support for all your needs.

Top Exclusive Discounts

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  2. Click here and get a 10% discount on the Mailroom product to manage your business mail effortlessly with digital storage and shipping options. Apply code “MAILROOM10” at checkout.
  3. Click here and get a 10% discount on the Agent – Light compliance product, ensuring your business meets state requirements. Use code “LIGHT10” at checkout.
  4. Click here and get a 10% discount on the Agent – Autopilot compliance product, letting handle your business compliance needs automatically. Enter code “AUTOPILOT10” at checkout.
  5. Click here and get a 10% discount on the Agent – Payroll compliance product to simplify your payroll tax registration process. Add code “PAYROLL10” at checkout.

By clicking on these links and using the discount codes, you can save on your company formation and compliance services while enjoying the numerous benefits that has to offer.


The platform simplifies the process of creating a new company in the US for foreign founders. With its comprehensive service, you’ll receive a US bank account, US EIN, and US address, allowing you to start trading quickly.

It assists you in deciding whether your company should be an LLC or a corporation and advises on whether to incorporate in Delaware or Wyoming.

For a one-time fee, you get access to ongoing support and additional services, including legal advice and tax consultation whenever needed. There are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with using the platform.

While other services like BetaList and Monzo offer pre-launch startup support and online business banking, this platform stands out as a one-stop solution for creating a US company and setting up a US bank account.

Experience unparalleled convenience and support by trying it today. Establish your US company swiftly and efficiently with a single, affordable payment!

8.3 Total Score
Overall Rating:

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9.4Expert Score
7.2User's score
  • Secure and user-friendly dashboard
  • One-year registered agent costs included
  • Thousands of dollars in credits for various services
  • US business bank account setup
  • Legal guidance provided
  • Free tax consultation
  • Lifetime expert support
  • US address setup
  • US EIN assistance
  • Limited to incorporating in only two states
  • Offers only a single pricing plan
  • Lacks auxiliary services like annual report notifications
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